West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


It has been a week of laughs and tears as always.  Life has such a different perspective here. What’s precious, what is unnecessary, where do we find wisdom and beauty?
As I sit here on the patio at the guest house, the power has gone off twice during my typing this blogpost. 
The woman preparing breakfast is plunged into total darkness and waits 
patiently for 30-60 seconds until 
eventually a generator kicks in and the lights come back on The sun hasn’t come up yet so we’re all in that expectation stage waiting for the day
I think we’re in darkness some of the time in our lives, in our understanding of why the world is as it is. Until wisdom breaks through. Wisdom waits to be found, says the scripture
I know  that God is holding our hands through all of this. Like the blind child who took me on a tour of the school yesterday. Trust. Confidence. Peace. 
Today will be our last day with the children. Sonya is here with her art and creative projects and Claire continues to brighten the classrooms with her music. Singing and laughing with the children is magical.  Even the deaf children respond to Claire’s music
Andy preached at a morning Eucharist service yesterday, about where to find God. He’s here in the hearts of the children and staff. Turning the lights on.  Showing us the way
Susan Nelson
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