West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

“What Ladder”

Speaking of 12 women in one room, (see earlier post), a few of us had the pleasure of sleeping on the top bunk. The first few nights we were divided between two rooms, and the “older women” (that would be me, Amy, Sue, Karen and Jeanne) had our own room, lower bunks thank you. That is until Jeanne moved in the middle of the night one night, attempting to get away from the snoring. (names kept confidential to protect the innocent). She caused a brief upset by climbing onto the top bunk above Sue,who naturally was not expecting someone to climb into the bed above her in the middle of the night. At any rate, the weekend brought another group from Boston to the guest house, so all the Tennessee folks had to pile into one room, which meant some had to take top bunks. Sue, being the fearless leader from CBU, volunteered. Of course she didnt think about being one of the SHORTEST women, which made climbing onto the top bunk particularly challenging. One night I had already climbed into bed, settled in under the mosquito net, and was about passed out when I heard several loud “ooomphs” from just above me. This was the end of the week, as I said, so ordinary things take on a humorous note due to fatigue and mental exhaustion. I started giggling and couldnt stop. Then someone said to Sue, “You know there’s a ladder!”. This was our last night in the room and Sue had been struggling into that top bunk for 3 nights. Tee Hee

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