West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Waterfalls and Coca Cola

After a week working at St Vincents, the team is flying home to Tennessee, Connecticut, North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri and Ohio.  Sienna and I are living our dream of vacationing for a week in Haiti.  We have hoped to do this for 3-4 years and now its coming to pass.
Pere Sadoni, the priest in charge of St Vincents School, has always told me if you only know Port au Prince, you dont know Haiti.  Sort of like visitors to New York City who think they’ve seen America.

So today we embarked on our first adventure.  Met at the guest house by a driver and interpreter in an AIR CONDITIONED SUV, we drove 2 hours to Seau D’Eau.  This waterfall was created after the 1842 earthquake that damaged Sans Souci Palace in the north (we visit the palace later this week). The water was shocking cold and felt incredible, after our week of cooking in the heat and especially a two hour bus ride back from the beach yesterday. That ride was on St Vincents bus, which has an airconditioning unit but just cant keep up with 18 sweaty americans in 90 degree heat (and 84% humidity according to the internet weather report)

Look up Seau D’Eau for images and you will see why this special place draws tourists, particularly in July every year. Tradition has it that the Virgin Mary came here and now the place is sacred.  http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/sodo check this link

We climbed the falls, assisted by  handsome Haitians with Very Strong Grips who would not let the old lady fall down the rocks.  Afterwards we went to Woza hotel and had lunch with our interpreter; griot and diri ak pwa, with picliz. Thats fried pork with rice and beans, and what I call “Haitian cole slaw”. Although today it was made with onions.  And very spicy! Yum yum!  Mixed with the rice and beans it tastes fabulous, washed down with Coca Cola bottled in Haiti and made with sugar cane

As my team is somewhere in the air over Atlanta airport about now, I am so thankful for all their hard work with the children this week.  Drew said this morning that the team gave their bodies and souls for the good work they did.  I hope they keep this beautiful country and her people in their hearts always.

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