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Updated information on the damage in Port-au-Prince

The Sisters of St. Margaret have been updating damage reports for the Episcopal ministries in the city on their website.  They report that the Sisters are okay, but aren’t sure. The Rev. Oge Beauvoir, dean of the Seminary, is okay. However, the “Convent has been destroyed along with Holy Trinity School, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Bishop Duracin’s residence, and St. Vincent’s School for Handicapped Children.” This information was also published by the Episcopal Church’s national website, here, with a picture of the damage to the Roman Catholic Cathedral. However, this information has not been verified, and it may have been a misquotation regarding to presidential palace (thanks to Adam Nelson for this).  CNN’s main article on the earthquake has most of the main information and includes many pictures.

I still do not have information on the whereabouts or status of the children or Jean Robert. I did hear that Pere Sedoni, who runs the school, is alive. I have been in contact with a woman at Physicians for Peace, which also works with St. Vincent’s school, providing medical  equipment and aid to amputees and others.  They do have contact with someone on the ground and can hopefully provide some information. At this time, they also are not certain of the children’s location or status. Hopefully we will be able to know tomorrow as communication slowly recovers.
Stephen Nelson
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