West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

update from Bill Squire regarding sending supplies to JoJo and St Vincent’s

Below is an excerpt from an email sent by Bill Squire to Drew Woodruff, 

I thought you would like to know, I believe that I have successfully gotten $500 to JoJo. I received a call from a Dr. Fred Sorrells of Arlington, TX on Friday asking me of my recent trip and telling me he is trying to go to Haiti and St. Vincent’s. Later that evening around , he called back and said he had connected with a group taking wheelchairs into Haiti and that they had a plane leaving the next morning from Ft. Lauderdale (he was calling from the Dallas Airport where he was about to board a plane for Florida). I then called National Jet, who was organizing this flight and after several phone calls got permission to take my six boxes of clothes, toiletries, towels, games, flashlights, etc. to their hanger for the next day’s flight. Margaret and I left here about last night arriving at the hanger at this morning. After a few hours sleep in a lounge chair at the passenger terminal we met Fred and I gave him $500 to take to JoJo (that is what I could get out of an ATM en route to Ft. Lauderdale). We got our boxes on board and I have confirmation that Pere Sadoni met the plane (we had contacted him about it) and now has the boxes in hand. Fred is going with Sadoni to Montrouis so I am confident JoJo will have his money. I will hold the other $500 here until I go in a couple of weeks. I am so pleased that this all occurred – the kids need the stuff we sent – and they need it now, not in two or three weeks.
 God is good.
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