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Tuesday, March 7, 2017 Part 4 by Sonya Yencer

TUESDAY :: PART 4 :: Sometimes jewelry making wasn’t about the final product; it was all about the process. 

Meet Bens. He has no physical disability, but rather a mental one. He gives the world’s longest, most precious hugs every single time you walk by! 

This endeavor was a HUGE challenge for him. Sequencing was not his strength. He struggled to make a matching pair. Even picking up the individual beads was a test of his 20 something hand skills. He was a bit frustrated trying to follow the pattern of the beads. 

Recognizing this, Sonya removed all of the beads from both head pins onto the tray. She encouraged him to find his own pattern, his own unique rhythm. In an instant, his face changed. His fingers relaxed. He smiled. He found joy in beading with no finished product in mind. He showed off his creations with pride. And they were perfectly imperfect… just like all of us.


Sonya working with Bens.

Showing him the completed bead sequence.
Working to pick up the tiny beads.
Proud of his creation!
Concentrating on threading a small bead.
Sonya and Bens celebrating another completed earring.
One of his unique creations.
Not quite wearable, but beautiful!
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