West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Thoughts during Ride to the Airport

Never sit in the front seat of a vehicle in Haiti if you can help it
Sit with your elbow on the suitcase next to you. It might cushion the blows from driving through potholes.
Observe activities outside your car which may include: children in uniforms walking home from school. Children in uniforms riding in front of adults on motorcycles. Man pumping motorcycle tire with a bicycle pump. Men selling soda and water through the car windows.  Your car window. Close car window. Wait for driver to pull away so you don’t have to be rude.
Begin to melt.  Open car window. Breathe face full of dust.  Debate which is worse. Wonder what that clanking sound is underneath you
Watch giant water truck coming towards you.  In same lane.  Wonder if your driver sees same truck.  Coming closer. Read letters on front of truck easily.  Stop looking out front window. See women selling mangoes and fried chicken on the sidewalk.
Stop behind another giant truck. Listen to horns.  Most drivers beep once or twice to let others know of their presence.  This one lays on the horn for 30 seconds.  No one moves.
Watch drivers use sign language.
Wonder what that grinding sound is underneath you.  Feel car lurch through changing gears.  Hope your car makes it to your destination. Feel car brake suddenly to avoid small child in roadway. Close eyes completely. Pray.


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