West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


Awake early this morning, I run through yesterday’s events in my mind. We have seen about half of the children so far and about 20 adult staff. Yesterday morning as we had Morning Prayer, we prayed the general confession. Asking forgiveness for things done and left undone. I told my team then that  I always have this feeling of regret as the last day at the school approaches. Realizing that we won’t be able to evaluate every child. Praying that the truly sick children will find their way to the clinic. Recognizing my own limitations in the face of so much need. We all bring our best to this work, our particular skills and knowledge. Whether a doctor, a nurse, a retired paramedic, a graphic artist, an occupational therapist, a deacon of the church, or a sign language teacher, we pour our mental, physical and emotional strength into the week at St Vincent’s.  It is never enough and yet it is more than enough. 90% of the patients we see are healthy or have minor treatable conditions    Sherye reminds me that the children love the attention they receive from us.  They love to tell their story about every time they had a cough or a stomachache. Time has a different  perspective in Haiti. Often I spend a long time asking about belly pain, for example. When does it hurt?  What makes it worse?  Is it worse after eating? Do you have vomiting? And so on. Standard doctor questions. Only to find out on the third round of questions that their belly doesn’t hurt now. That was last year.

Medicine is said to be a humbling profession. That is never more true than in Haiti. We have only our best to offer and by the grace of God that is enough.

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