West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

The Jeweler and the Dentist

The dental team: Phil Caldwell, Sherye Fairbanks and a Haitian dental student

The children at St Vincents have not had regular dental care since the earthquake in 2010.  The dental clinic and facilities were destroyed in the earthquake and have not been rebuilt.
On our last trip in November 2014, we brought a dental hygienist who screened many of the children and found lots of cavities and gum disease. So I was thrilled to find Dr Phil Caldwell, a dentist from North Carolina who has been to St Vincents before and agreed to come with our team.

Dr Caldwell put together an impressive network of local dental personnel, including the use of a private dental clinic for the week. He asked our team if someone would volunteer to be a dental assistant for the week, and two folks volunteered.  Hana, the daughter of Sonya from Red Thread Promise, and Tim Baker, a retired jeweler from St Marys Cathedral in Memphis.  Tim has been telling me all week about his daily adventures, and how much jewelers and dentists have in common.  Who knew?  Similar tools, fine hand work, diamond drill bits, etc.

Another example of how God brings the talents of many people together to care for these children.

Kids going to the dental clinic
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