West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Team in Haiti this week

A team of 9 from the WTN Haiti Partnership have traveled to Montrious to see the children who were evacuated out of St. Vincent’s school after the Jan. 12 earthquake. The team members are:
Susan Nelson
John Mutin
Amy Bonk-Chanin
Debbie Hooser
Lauren Coleman
Kelvin Pollard II
Drew Woodruff
Allie Russos
Margaret McLaughlin

We wish them all the best in their work and hope that they find the children in good health and good spirits. We hope that they are able to meet many of the medical needs of the children and that the children have sufficient food and clean water, which we know are difficult things to find. We have not heard directly from the team yet, but we look forward to good news from them.  They flew out of Memphis early Saturday morning and will be staying in Haiti until next Saturday, May 1st.

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