West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Team in Haiti building aquaponics gardens

 It’s Friday morning and I woke up before anyone in the house. I’m sitting on a second story balcony overlooking the creek at the back of the house which has these small black Haitian pigs rooting around in it. There is a bougainvillea vine growing wild in this tree and has reached about 40 feet high–hot pinks and some oranges–unbelievably beautiful. I’m looking for spider monkeys but have only found a ghekko staring at my toe like he may be considering breakfast. 

Today I leave behind my American notions of getting this garden started:
Day 1–gather and inventory materials
Day 2–begin to build on the perfect spot
Day 3–add water, plant the seeds
Day 4–stock with fish
Day 5–observe fish swimming and kale growing!!!
Alas, this will not be the case. All good things happen with patience, love and persistence.
We visited all the classrooms today and there was great excitement everywhere.
Monty from 100 Gardens was a big hit. It’s obvious he has fallen in love with the kids and they with him–it only takes one day for this to happen!
Brittany and Tess went to work in the kitchen. Tess helped peel vegetables and Brittany was invaluable as an interpreter. Not only did they have a great time visiting with the “semme de cuisine” or the “ladies of the kitchen,”  but they gathered some important information to use in writing a grant for food. 
We’re off to conquer the world. More later.
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