West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Small Medical Team going to St Vincent’s Oct 9

This was not SUPPOSED to be a medical team visit.  This trip was intended to have a small group visit the school, see our friends,  have a Governing Board meeting, and fly  home.

Then came Hurricane Matthew.
Of course, nature has her own ideas and now we are flying into Port au Prince 5 days after the massive storm. Winds of up to 230 mph they say.  How is that even possible?
I have read, as many of you have done, every news clip I could get to, trying to get accurate information.  The news reports seem to photograph every disastrous scene, with people walking in water up to their necks.
News this AM from Jeremie, further west along the southern coast of Haiti, looks very bad. 80% of the town was damaged, they say.  Mango groves decimated. Homes washed away in the mud.
Yet, our friends at St Vincent’s tell us they are safe and unharmed.  Port au Prince had high winds and heavy rains, but none of the children or staff at the school were injured in the initial storm.  Their main problem now is getting food and clean water.  The water pump system at the school is damaged and not functioning properly.

st vincents after hurricane matthew

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