West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Sitting on the Porch

Sitting on the porch at the guest house with Brittany and Sherye, listening to the rain fall in the trees just beyond.  A nice gentle rain that was heralded by spurts of lightning that drove us off the roof.

Left Memphis at 8 AM with our team of 7 CBU nurses, a pharmacist, a paramedic, an interpreter for the deaf, a guitarist, a graphic artist, a psychologist, a friend of my realtor who happens to be fluent in French,   and myself, the family doctor..  Typical mixed group of many talents, with about 20 suitcases of vitamins and medical supplies, bandaids and gloves and bubbles.  Yes bubbles, for the children.  
Sorting through all those bags after we have arrived is always entertaining.  Ziploc bags of hand sanitizer and bug spray, crayons and tylenol.  One team member lost all his clothes, but found them again in someone else’s suitcase (?).  The bottle of Glenfiddich arrived safely.  Team members giggling to discover nail polish, anticipating the fun they will have with the kids.

As we sit and enjoy the cooling effect of the rain, it is nice to be back in Haiti.

Susan Nelson

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