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Sienna travels to Haiti

Many of you know that my daughter, Sienna, will travel to Haiti on Aug 6-18.  She is volunteering to work with  HeartLine Ministries, in Tabarre (suburb of Port au Prince).  Sienna has been determined to go to Haiti this summer and has relentlessly been asking me and asking me and asking me for permission to go. Despite much misgivings, I agreed to let her go.  Everyone I talked to who has been to Haiti told me I should let her go. 

She will work at a children’s orphanage, helping the center get ready for the beginning of school, and perhaps taking a trip with the children to the southern part of Haiti.  She told me she is not exactly sure what her duties will be, but she doesn’t care.  She just wants to be in Haiti.

I am very proud of her and Mildly Terrified, of course.  That might explain why I am awake at 3 AM writing a blog entry instead of sleeping. 

August 20 we take her to Tulane for college.  Her childhood is over in an instant, it seems.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers for her safety and in thanksgiving to God who has inspired her to love the people of Haiti.

Susan Nelson
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