West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Shoes for our kids

Last November, our team took several suitcases worth of crocs (shoes) for the kids at St Vincents. Unfortunately, because the crocs were collected at St Marys school, which is a GIRLS school, the shoes were all small sizes, none big enough for many of our teenage boys!  Ramelle, one of our nurses, says she will never forget the look of disappointment on Ricardo’s face.  She vowed not to return to Haiti without a pair of shoes for him and the other teenage boys at the school. 
Now we have a very generous donation from a company called Chung Shi, who makes shoes called Dux. They are similar to crocs, and of good quality.  They have donated 150 pairs of shoes for us to take to St Vincents.  Cathie Pruitt, a parishioner at St Marys Cathedral, has worked with Drew Woodruff to make this possible.
This Saturday, June 9, at 10 AM, we will have a formal “presentation” of the shoes to Drew Woodruff at St Marys Cathedral. Many thanks to all who made this possible and for your prayers which continue to make amazing things possible for our kids at St Vincents.
Susan Nelson
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