West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


Guest house living in Haiti is like going to summer camp when you were a kid. Shared bedrooms and bathrooms and family style dining.  This particular guest house is one of the nicest we have found, many thanks to John Mutin
Our team has come from Ohio and Arkansas, Virginia, Chattanooga and of course Memphis. Upon arrival on Sunday, finding our rooms was an adventure. Who shares your room and who wants the top bunk and who can’t climb stairs easily, all affect room choice. In the shuffle to and fro, yesterday morning Harrison found Sherye’s shoes under his bed. And remarked as such to the team at breakfast.  Group laughter, much to his embarrassment!
This mornings blogpost is being typed on my iPhone, after trying to connect on two different computers, which didn’t like the guest house network for some reason.  Such is the dicey nature of internet connectivity in Haiti.  
Today is our third day at the school and we have established our routine well by now.  Arrive at school.  Greet familiar faces and hug about 25 people. Pull all supplies out of the locked office and set up clinic. Wait for Jean Robert to bring a couple dozen darling children in blue uniforms with embroidered names.    
It’s a fabulous way to spend a morning and I am eternally grateful that God has blessed me with the chance to be a small part of their lives
Sorry for short entries. So much time and so  little to do , said Willy Wonka
Susan Nelson

Locson helps Rosana make earrings

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