West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


Today we attended services at Holy Trinity Cathedral. The magnificent cathedral building was destroyed in the earthquake. But the church is her people, not the building, so the Cathedral community continues their worship in a pavilion built next door to the ruins.

Hearing familiar hymns, sung in French, is always a moving experience for me. Our group of 18 took up 3 pews, and we did our best to form the French words and sing along. I was sitting on the aisle during communion, and the deacon was administering communion less than two feet away from me. One by one, he said the words, Le ko du Kris, Le san du kris. When the Americans came he said the words in English. The body of Christ. The blood of Christ. Watching each face as they approached the deacon, each mouth open to receive the body and blood of Christ, was an intimate and spiritual experience. Old men, young women, children pulling on their mom’s arm, teenage boys. The gift is the same for each. I felt I was part of a truly sacramental experience.

Susan Nelson
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