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After swiftly downing half a cup of that fabulous Haitian coffee, we left the guest house at six am today. A smiling Jean Robert helped us load our suitcases and accompanied us to the airport. Moving through the Haitian airport is an exercise in multiple security checks. Present passport. Check bags.  Walk to next line.  Present passport.  Walk to next line.  Take off shoes belt hat purse.   Empty pockets. Collect things.  Walk upstairs to next line.  Present passport. Take off shoes belt hat purse.  Watch agent hand search your carry-on bag. Collect things.  Walk to jetway. Wait in line.  Board plane.  Switch seats w Drew so he can sit next to Maureen (we all did this at some point on the trip)

Arriving in Atlanta is the same process in reverse. By the time we went through customs, collected our bags, got our next boarding passes and re checked our bags it was noon and we were all feeling a bit “peckish”. No longer satisfied with the trail mix and granola
bars we had eaten all week, we found a food court and had pizza, pita wraps, Mediterranean salad, hamburgers and a Strawberry mango smoothie (Alison)

We’ve been here 9 hours at this point, waiting on our final connection to Memphis.  A few have managed to get on standby for earlier flights.  But the rest of the faithful have spent the time calling loved ones, checking email, reading books and trying to ignore the constant chatter about DONALD TRUMP on the airport TV screens.  Is there anything else in the world’s news worth talking about?
I have texted my friends back in Haiti to thank them for the wonderful week they made possible for us.  Their replies are full of love and gratitude.  

Susan and Alison (selfie)
Their friendship reminds me that there really is more in the world worth caring about than self centered political candidates who have never missed a meal, never known poverty or threats to their home, never felt want of any kind.

Drew in his element

Susan Nelson

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