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Notes from 2013 pt. 2: Frenel and Geraldo at the Eye Doctor!

We at the WTHP Blog missed a few things in 2013 that we would love to share with you. The following series of posts are from three to nine months ago and provide two different perspectives on the children’s lives.

Last November, Sonya Yencer traveled with one of our great young friends, Frenel, and Geraldo to visit an ophthalmologist in Haiti and see if sight in any of their eyes could be restored. Even the possibility of a positive outcome is an incredibly welcome one for those of us who know these children. I won’t copy the article or spoil what they learned, because Red Thread Promise has a beautiful blog of their own with great photographs from the day. Please read the whole post by Sonya here: http://redthreadpromise.blogspot.com/2013/11/haiti-glimmer-of-hope.html.
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