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Note on Hurricane Sandy from Bishop Duracin of Haiti

This is to inform my Brothers and Sisters in the house of Bishops that even though the hurricane Sandy did not pass directly on Haiti, many damages have been done because of the heavy rains and winds it has projected all over the country. According to the government’s assessment of the situation, as of this morning about 16 people are dead. Many people are being affected by this hurricane because of their living situation; as you may know due to the earthquake of January 12th 2010, a lot of people are still living in tents in a lot of places, and some others live in areas that are near the water. 

Damages are being registered all over the country and people are evacuating their houses to go to safer places. According to reports received from our priests, people of all of our congregations have been affected. There is a situation of lack of food, clean water, medicine, added to the situation of people which have been already fragile because many families have been confronting with their problems of sending their kids to school, and now I have just learned that many school supplies that have already been in possession of our kids have been swept away by the raging waters entering school facilities and families homes. So we need your prayers and support.

Hope this finds all of you well, I send you greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Rt. Rev. J. Zaché Duracin
Bishop of Haiti

This message was sent through the Bishops and spouses email network via Bishop Sandy Hampton and forwarded to us by Jeannie Johnson, wife of Bishop Don Johnson of West TN.

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