West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Not-So-Everyday Miracles

Christina's straight feetA young girl at St. Vincent’s, Christina was born with a birth defect that caused severe clubbing in both of her feet. Cristina has been in a wheelchair her entire life. Yet today, she sits on a bed, gazing at two STRAIGHT FEET, thanks to the silken red thread of destiny that connected us to her and West Tennessee Haiti Partnership. After corrective surgery on both of her club feet by Dr. Bheki Khumalo and work with Dr. Jenn Holbourn, at the age of 15 Christina is taking her very first steps. On the WTN Haiti Partnership YouTube page, you can see her take the FIRST STEPS OF HER LIFE! We are forever grateful for Dr. Bheki, Dr. Beauvoir and Dr. Jenn for their countless hours working with her. Our team is sincerely thankful for your financial support to rent a sterile surgical suite, purchase medications, schedule after-care, physical therapy and all associated expenses for this beautiful young lady’s care. This is what it’s all about folks – changing lives. -On behalf of The Red Thread Promise

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