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  I’ve gotten a lot of press in the local papers over the past months. I mean, a lot. My trip to Haiti right after the quake created several weeks of press across the entire county and farther. I go to Food Lion and a cashier says, “Aren’t you the lady who went to Haiti?”  Two little girls knocked on my door one night and had made construction paper thank you cards for helping Haiti.  My presentation at the 135-member Chamber of Commerce inspired a local music store to have a fund raiser for us. Locals have donated to SHN b/c there is a reliable face connected with the place of need. And there’s more, but today was special.  

I went out to Hardee Ford to pick up a $200 check from Dwight, an African-American mechanic who works there. He encouraged his little country church to raise money for SHN. (Remember the days my office was at Hardee Ford?  I shot the breeze with Dwight and always waved and bowed in gratitude as he cut the grass around my office.) Denny Hardee said Dwight has been so excited about raising money for us and it was Denny who sent word today that I was to come pick up the funds.  Dwight told me every church his pastor visited he talked about Lee Warren and what her organization was doing for Haiti.   I can honestly tell you that the $200 check and bear hug I got from Dwight meant as much to me as the $35,000+ checks we received last week for container events.  Dwight said the church wanted to continue to support us.  I know we need the big bucks, the large events, but my job is especially meaningful when rural, small-minded Southside Virginians wake up to the fact that there is a hurting world beyond themselves and their own. When my African-American brothers and sisters honor me by supporting SHN I am even the more humbled. 
Here endeth this testimony.
Today’s a good day and I had to share.
sent in by Lee Warren   
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