West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


Please pray for our mission team members, our safe travel and especially our ability to get around while in Haiti. We are staying at a guest house about 10 minutes from St. Vincent’s school. The national elections are on Nov 28, so there is some concern this will limit our ability to get around. Please pray that God in his awesomeness puts us where we need to be while we are in Haiti.

Mission team includes:
Tim Geske (now living in Florida)
Allie Russos, RN and friend Mary Catherine Brown from Durham, NC
Dr. Jackie Harris and deacon Jill Bullard from Durham, NC
Drew Woodruff, deacon St. Mary’s Cathedral
Dr. Susan Nelson, St. Mary’s Cathedral
John Mutin, paramedic, Holy Communion
Sienna Nelson, St. Mary’s Cathedral
DyKiesha Land, pharmacist, Memphis
Diane Reddoch, Holy Apostles
Sherye Fairbanks, Holy Communion

Thank you for all your support and donations these past few weeks. We are taking a “plane load” of supplies (at least, whatever is legally allowable by the airlines for 12 people to carry) and much needed cash to Pere Sadoni for the children. I will send posts (if possible) during our trip.
                                                                               Susan Nelson
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