West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


We have a team of 11 confirmed members traveling to St. Vincent’s School for Handicapped Children in Port au Prince.  We will operate a medical clinic for 4-5 days and take all our supplies with us.  Due to the damage at the school, which included the guest quarters, we will stay at Heart Line Ministries which is a guest house in Port au Prince.

Our team includes Sherye Fairbanks, who teaches sign language to deaf children and will be a terrific asset to our team.  Also Tim Geske, former curator of St. Columba Episcopal Conference Center, is joining us.  Tim brings a wealth of experience from working with children over the years; especially operating summer camps and other activities for disadvantaged kids in Memphis.  Allie Russos is joining us again from North Carolina and bringing a friend with her to help us.  Drew Woodruff is our leader as always.  Amy Chanin, the physician assistant who speaks Creole, is coming and bringing her daughter, Hannah.  My daughter Sienna will also join us again.  Diane Reddoch and John Mutin, more Haiti veterans, will also be coming.

We ask for your prayers for the safety of our team and our supplies and especially for the well being of the children and adults we will care for at St. Vincent’s.

sent in by Susan Nelson
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