West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Making Mud Pies

Thanks so much to all the dedicated supporters who prayed for us today. We had smooth travels all the way thru Atlanta, and after brief inspections of our bags in customs we were on our way. It’s like that scene in Star Wars, where ObiWan says to the guards, “these are not the people you’re looking for”. With our own Jedi Master mind trick we got our 16 bags of meds and one oversized box of crutches past inspection.

Seeing Jean Robert’s face at the airport is always one of my favorite happenings.  “Dr SOOzann” he calls out in his deep voice, and I know we’ve arrived safely. 

A fairly small team this time, 11 willing souls.  Phillip, a dental hygienist, and Kara, an RN from Connecticut. Kara is the granddaughter of Bill Harris who helped Hope Lennartz from the early days with the Friends of St Vincent.  Sonya and her son Jaden Yencer, from the Red Thread Promise.  Sherye Fairbanks, our faithful interpreter for the deaf.  John Mutin, my lieutenant who takes care of everything from checking iron levels on all the kids  to reminding everyone to drink water to bringing me a beer at the end of the day!  Brittany Jonap our pharmacist who is mixing sulfur ointment as we speak, to treat scabies. Vickie Baselski, who we put in charge of intake of all the kids in clinic after she organized us so well on her first trip, and her daughter Ashley who is ALSO mixing sulfur ointment.  I refer to this process as making mud pies. Brittany had to ask me “What are you talking about??” When I kept asking her if she was ready to make mud pies.  Mix 1:10 potion of sulfur ointment with petroleum jelly. Great old fashioned remedy for a host of skin infections. I even called Ashley’s dad Dr Bob Skinner, a dermatologist in Memphis,  to confirm the dosing instructions.
Last but not least we have Claire, who teaches children’s choir at St Mary’s Cathedral in Memphis and has brought her guitar to sing with the kids. No doubt she will be the star for the week.

A good group, excited to be here and getting to know each other over Bananagrams (those who weren’t mixing sulfur ointment)

Tomorrow we will go to services at Holy Trinity Cathedral, then see the kids in the afternoon,  I can’t wait.
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