West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Longing to Help

The following is reprinted from an email written by Dr. Susan Nelson to Sherye Fairbanks:

Its hard for me to talk about what might be happening to our children. I want to put myself on a magic helicopter and land on that soccer field in Port-au-Prince. Sienna would be with me, she wants to take toys to cheer the kids up and I want to give them water and food and tend their wounds. How can there be so much suffering inflicted on innocent children? Where is the justice in that? Of course I know the world is not fair. But that doesn’t keep me from asking why. What is happening to my friend Frenel, the 6 year old blind boy who sang to me while I bandaged a cut on his head after he fell down playing in the courtyard at St Vincent’s? What about Judith who has the biggest smile and sweetest face? She only weighs 70 lbs at age 12. What is she getting to eat? Is Dieumene, the girl who does everything with her feet, taking care of all the little ones like she always does? What has happened to Pierre, one of the teachers whose wife is 7 months pregnant? I saw on CNN a story about a pregnant woman at one of the makeshift hospitals. A boulder had struck her belly and killed her baby. I’ve been fretting about Pierre’s wife ever since.
So I appreciate your prayers and thoughts. I hope to get more news soon from our friend Bill Squire who flew to Santo Domingo yesterday and should be in Port-au-Prince today.
Susan Nelson
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