West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Letter from Pere Sadoni to Hope Lennartz

Dear Hope,
I am glad to received this message from you. I hope mine find you well. As you can imagine and see from father Squire’s report, we lost everything at St Vincent. They stole evrything that was in my office even a bag full of staff for the kids and my office’s chair. So now we need to start from ZERO. I open an office without nothing.
Bill Squire brought a Laptop and a printer for the secretary, that is good. But we don’t have energy to run it and we don’t have enough money in our account to buy a generator. the first thing now it to have a genarator. If I have to choose between having now a genarator and a copier i will choose a genarator. Because, when the gorvement ask to restart with the school activities in p-au-p, we will need it to pump the water up to the floor for the toilet.
I do need thing for my office, for now I can’t tell you what specific thing that i need. You can send whatever that they use in an office. Stapples, trumborn, desk Canon copier (maybe a Canon, Image Runner 1019J, and some tonner GPR22 to use in it), Chaires (we can buy them in P-au-P), water cooler (we can buy it in P-au-P), metale file (we can find it in P-au-P) etc…
For the school: In my first e-mail I said that they stole the thermoform, I was wrong. I found out that it was there two weeks after sendding this first message. I hope it is in good condition because it felt down on the floor. we found almost all the brailler but now we need like you said barille paper and braillon, pencil and pen, paper craft, regular paper, copy books, etc… M. Alexis will make a list for me next week.
I don’t know if I am too long in this e-mail but we do need these thing to restart St vincent in a short term.
May God bless you,
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