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Lauren Stanley: Update on St Vincent’s Kids at Montrouis

The following information comes from Lauren Stanley, after a conversation with Beth at Handicapped International.

More than half of the children at St. Vincent were NOT present during the time of the quake, because school was not yet fully back in session. Of those who were (approximately 75), six were killed., we believe. Of those 69 or so survivors, we believe that as many as half have been brought back to their homes by families members post-quake. The rest of the children are at Mont Ruis, and are being cared for.  I am checking to find out what support they need. Many, many of the children are not orphans, in that they have family members.

I will be checking with the bishop for further advice on this, but I believe that the best thing to do right now is to ensure the children have all the support they need. When I get more information, I will be in contact again. Best of all, we can thank God that the children are being loved and cared for, and that so many of them survived.
Lauren Stanley
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