West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Last day at St. Vincent’s

Today we had clinic for the last time, then we handed out some of our goodies to the children. Lots of photos of kids in hats and bandanas and Mardi Gras beads, I will upload these later. My favorite part of the day was sitting on the concrete steps with Frenel in my lap, next to Sienna and surrounded by kids.

Frenel is blind and about 6 years old. He is very sweet and gentle, unlike some of the other boys his age who push and shove to get attention (just like little boys everywhere). Frenel usually winds up in my lap and he will sing little songs to me if I ask him to.

We had a large picture book with basic english words in it, like dog-ball-bed-table….and Sienna was going through it with Mackenson, one of the older boys. His brother, Jobson, and his mother, Naomi, were both killed in the Jan 2010 earthquake. He is a sweet boy and we traded english and creole words back and forth.

There was music playing on a radio, solo guitar with a quick rhythm to it, and most of the kids would bounce and sway to the music, especially Maille who has a pretty smile although she cant speak. She is about 17 years old.

When Pere Sadoni told us it was time to go, it was really hard to leave those children, knowing I will not return for 8 months. In fact, Frenel asked me when I was coming back, and I told him in November, so he asked me how long was that. A long time, I said.
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