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Kalico Beach

Today was our last full day in Haiti. Spent at Kalico Beach, a fabulous beach resort about 1.5 hours north of Port au Prince, with crystal clear water, brightly tiled seating areas and almond trees full of fruit. Oh, and plenty of mango rum punch.

Uzoma (our cardiologist) asked us 1) do you plan to swim IN the water, 2) do you see the jelly fish in the water, and 3) those buoys out there in the water, do they have a net to keep out the sharks?
We did see the jellyfish, they were beautiful, but we tried to stay away from them. And there are no sharks (that I know of). Uzoma surprised us by joining Ashley and Brittany in a skiff, rowed over to the coral reef by Haitians so they could snorkel.

Tasty buffet lunch followed by the hot bus ride back to the guest house. It is Yolanda’s birthday and Dr. Sue arranged for a cake. All sang Happy Birthday on the rooftop, then the laughter and sharing of stories continued into the late night, including hip hop dancing to someone’s CD player. This is called DECOMPRESSION and it is an essential part of the trip.

Sorting and packing up the week’s supplies included an interesting assortment. Mardi Gras Beads, fingerstick lancets, one glucometer, unused bottles of Rocephin, expired meds collected from St. Vincent’s pharmacy, plastic soda bottles used as sharps containers (full of TB syringes), the Hemocue machine with cuvettes, thermometer probes, a few coloring books and craft materials that we did not have time to use with the kids yesterday. Papers with kids’ names, receipts from the pharmacy, scribbled phrases in Kreyol, the prayer booklets that Edie made for us to use for morning and evening prayer.

Scooping up the memories of our week in Haiti.

Susan Nelson
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