West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

John and Clauricianne

The more that I am with the children the more they amaze me! These are not normal children, these are
children that have been blessed by the Holy Spirit, they have to be on first name basis with God and
Jesus. For us that travel to see them it is a place of wonder and amazement that puts Disney World to
shame and shows it to be just another theme park. I have heard that all things are possible when you put
your faith in God but this place has amazed me so many times that I have lost count.

Where can you go where children eat one plate of beans and rice as their main meal and they actually
are thankful, let me say that again beans and rice with small pieces of mystery meat 7 days a week no
fruit no vegetables and they are happy singing and talking like they have just sat down to an all you can
eat gourmet buffet? My friend Susan Nelson has said a bunch of times to me( it’s a God thing) but I am
starting to think maybe it’s a Saint Vincent thing where faith and love are their center; they are truly not
bound by the restraints that society puts on us.

One of the greatest meals I have had in years was there at the school. A group of nurses and I sat in the library and had snacks with my friend Clauricianne Morigene; I sat and visited and shared my meal with her. This is a girl who has lost both her parents at the age of 8, born with only one finger and a form of dwarfism yet she just lights up the room with positive can do spirit, and her inner faith is so strong that I feel renewed with faith and love that money can’t buy. She has taken on helping all the children as a big sister or Mom, she loves her babies, she could be an amazing motivational speaker. There is not yet anything I have not seen her do. She feeds herself and drinks from a plastic cup without spilling a drop. She is finishing up her schooling as an interpreter and I can see her working and supporting herself.

Susan has a video of her sewing on the blog spot at:

If you see her using the sewing machine you know there is no can’t in this child.

Yes it is indeed better than Disneyland because there is only hard life lessons played out in real time and
these extraordinary children are doing amazing things with love and faith as they’re revealing it to me they
make me reevaluate what is truly important in life .The more I see them the less they are handicapped
the more I realize it is me that has the limitations of commitment and faith. I am a stronger man for
having experienced their love. May God Bless them and keep them in his heart every day. Clauricianne
you make me very proud that you call me daddy. I want to yell at the world that’s my girl but when I
think about it God already knows you’re his Girl because you have given him all your love with all your
heart. Amen!!!!

John Mutin
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