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Joan’s experience at Re-Entry

Joan Phelps is  a priest from Connecticut and sent me this email shortly after our return to the U S:

I was a bit tired yesterday so wasn’t too aware of anything. Today I saw my dental hygienist who I have gone to since ’83, So she said some stupid thing about did I have a good time in Haiti. Don’t Haitians party alot. I don’t even know what she was talking about but my buttons were pushed. I went on this thing about our friends in Haiti and how hard they work, how joyous they are even when they are also trying to get out of the mire. I told her Haitians are a joyous people and can sing even when down but we have a wrong image of who they are if we label them as party animals…………..Blah, Blah, Blah !!!!!!!! You had to be there. My poor friend said she reallyu did not mean any offense……I realized I was overreacting ……….and she was the one with the picks, and whatever tools she could use on me.

It is difficult to think Christmas. However, I came back very grateful that we were not exposed to flamboyant decorations and musac blaring every where we went. Maybe our adventures will lead me to a less materialistic time and peaceful reflection of the good that we can do out of our abundance.

God’s wonderful peace be with you. Have a joyous time of Christmas and Epiphany. May good things be yours in the New Year!!!


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