West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Is That Your Suitcase driving away?

Guest house living has its ups and downs.  Meeting other teams who come to work in Haiti can provide unexpected benefits, like learning about other resources in Haiti, other organizations which grapple with similar problems.  It can also be annoying, like not being able to sleep because another group is having a loud party right outside your door.  Ask Hilarie about that one.

This morning Sonya, Cindy and I were waiting for our driver to take us to St Vincents. Another team was loading up their van for the day, and their driver and guides very helpfully loaded their many suitcases into the van.   Fortunately one of their team members said, “Isn’t that your suitcase?”  indicating Sonya’s brightly colored bag strapped to the top of the van.  Merciful Heavens!  Sonya flies home today and that bag contained all her possessions destined to  return home.


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