West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


        Our return trip to Port au Prince airport was not by school bus.  That Monday morning, two team members were driven to the airport by Pere Sadoni to catch an earlier flight.  Later that morning the rest of us left St. Vincent’s after saying goodbye to the children and staff.  Most of the team piled into a large van, with five of us in Pere Sadoni’s vehicle.  We rode Haitian style, with five people in the back seat designed for three.  You get the picture.
      As we rode through the streets of Port au Prince, our hearts were filled with the experiences of the previous week.  So much hope and sorrow and joy compressed into a few days.  On Pere Sadoni’s car radio, Celine Dion was singing “O Holy Night”.  A song of Incarnation.  God’s gift to our weary world. 
      At the airport a few minutes later, my daughter remarked that she loved her work in Haiti, and wondered where else she might travel some day to do mission work.  She used the phrase “some other God forsaken place”, to which my son promptly and emphatically responded, “God forsaken!  Are you kidding?  God is everywhere in Haiti.”  The message of Incarnation is clear in Haiti, as all who have visited there can attest.

Dr. Susan Nelson
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