West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Hurricane Matthew

A letter from Father Frantz Cole, priest in charge of St. Vincent’s School

Mes amis,
We are currently in the midst of difficulty because HURRICANE MATHEW is going to hit Port-au-Prince soon. It is very dangereous. I just talked to a few friends from the South of Haiti.They report that it is raining since two days. There is no death but loss of animals and houses. As you know South of Haiti is a hurricane strip. We are worried because Its history of damaging everything on his way makes us scared. I just heard the voices of agents on the streets with high speaker talking about evacuation in case of insecurity in our houses. The government just decided to close all schools for Monday and Tuesday. That tells us how worried they are. At Saint Vincent we put fuel in the generator. We have lamp storm, batteries for flash light and radio, extra food. Aurelie is doing good job. Since Friday she had met with the care takers and all decisions have been made to meet the needs in case of trouble. Bishop has called me also to remind us of the presence of the hurricane Matthew in Haiti. I already visited Saint Vincent twice today to help them to be sure that we are not far from them. All our kids are fine. They are aware and are cautious. I keep you informed.

Pere Fanfan

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