West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


The rest of our team arrived today. 
Andy and Ferris Andrews were supposed to arrive Monday, but due to some unexplainable airline craziness they weren’t able to leave Memphis until this morning.  Sonya and Cindy came from Ohio and Brittany from Virginia, all met at the airport by Père FanFan. He carried a handmade sign that said ST VINCENTS CENTER with all their names so they could find him in the melee that is PAP airport. 
Arriving at the school, they found Claire singing with the blind children; Auguste grinning and bouncing his head and Yolene shaking her wrist bells in time to the music.  Sort of. 
We finished another beautiful day in clinic and saw about 40 kids and 20 adults.  We think we’ll be able to see every child by the end of the week. 
Plans for a chapel service tomorrow morning include Andy and Père FanFan preaching together. It will be great to see Andy experience the joy that is St Vincents. Blind and deaf and physically limited children all sharing the word of God. There’s no other  place like it on earth 



Claire and friends with her guitar

Susan Nelson
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