West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Haiti team on their way

With the usual early AM flight out of Memphis, our medical team is now waiting in the Atlanta airport for our flight to  Port au Prince.  All the last minute texts and emails of the last week:  DO I NEED A PRESCRIPTION FOR CIPRO?  HOW MUCH MONEY DO I NEED TO TAKE?  DOES THE GUEST HOUSE HAVE LAUNDRY SERVICES?  have all been asked and answered.  Mostly my answers consisted of “I dont know” or “Dont worry about it, if you dont have something in your suitcase, another team member will have it”.

My personal last minute Haiti jitters are about things like, “Will the physical therapist be able to meet Dr Beauvoir at the clinic?  Will all the medical supplies we ordered in Haiti be there when we arrive?  Will Pere Fan Fan meet us at the airport and help us through customs?  Will the french books I sent down with Pere Fan Fan be there at the school?

All the questions, anxieties, and hopes are now like the wind.  We can’t control it, and we need to just let it be.  So many dedicated people travelling with me, hoping to share some of the love they have been given in their lives with the children we will spend a week with.

Please pray for us to be open to change, to last minute needs we didnt anticipate, to forbear one another in our shortcomings.  God has brought us all here and will bless our work in the limited time we have.

Thank you to all who support us at home and make it possible for us to go on these trips, especially those of us who go again and again.   A dedicated donor handed me $100 bucks last night after an evening church service, telling me “Do whatever you need to with this money”.  He knows that I will find something that needs doing, and I take his love for the children with me, along with all the rest of you.

Susan Nelson

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