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Haiti memories from Diane Reddoch

On a warm December afternoon, I had the privilege to know what it feels like to be part of ” Dancing with the Stars “.
Precious Dieumene asked me if I could dance, I said sure and she then asked me to teach her a dance. I first did a little of the Charleston, but quickly decided that was not the dance for us. I chose the waltz, and as I placed my hands on her shoulder I began to count, ” One, two,three,one,two,three”. She picked it up quickly and soon I was humming the Blue Danube waltz! We even tried a twirl!!. Her sense of rhythm and eagerness to dance made this a joy. There we were, following one another’s lead, and having a wonderful time. We used the parts God gave each of us, and we became one. I’ll always cherish this opportunity, especially since I didn’t get to know her well the year before.
Another special memory was playing “bat the balloon” with Samuel. We tapped this half filled balloon all over the room and laughed out loud at the sudden moves of the other person. It was like tennis/badmitton/volleyball all rolled into one. After a long time, I noticed Yolene smiling and indicating that she wanted something. I tried several things unsuccessfully and then finally sat down next to her and place a small plastic toy in her hand. Her eyes lit up! She let it slip through her fingers onto the bed. I picked it up, placed it in her hands and she repeated the drop. She and I were doing what I had done with Samuel, only tailor-made for her, She loved it! As we played, I saw her happiness blossom and my heart overflowed with joy. We were sharing something just between us. Her smile said it all. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this chance to be fully engaged with her. Miracles like that don’t come along very often! I was in the right place at the right time and hold this memory close to my heart.
sent in by Diane Reddoch

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