West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


Over 180 people attended this sold out event!  People from 9 different episcopal parishes in Memphis were there to enjoy the fun and support this great cause.  Holy Apostles, Calvary, Grace St Luke’s, St Mary’s Cathedral, Emmanuel Church, St Philips, Holy Communion Church, St Andrews, and St Johns.  Bishop Johnson attended and bought a beautiful painting that used to adorn the home of Joe and Marjorie Fitzpatrick.  The couple loved Haiti and collected many paintings, sculptures and unique items during their many trips to Haiti.  Special thanks to the family for the generous donation of cherished artwork to further the mission of St Vincent’s Center for Handicapped children.  Mimi Fitzpatrick Baker and  Carol Fitzpatrick Winstead were present at the benefit to see the magnificent results of their donation.  Also Mark L Fitzpatrick and Joe R Fitzpatrick Jr agreed to donate their parents’ treasured items.

For photos, see #spring2016benefit
Also in attendance were Pere Frantz Cole, priest in charge of St Vincent’s.  He spoke passionately about the children at the school and the impact our ministry has made in their lives over the years.  Rev David Boyd, immediate past Director of Development for the National Episcopal Church, and Vundla Sikhumbuzo, Director of Operations for Diocese of Haiti, were also honored guests.

Dr Jennifer Holbourn was an amazing and shameless auctioneer, and together with the proceeds from the silent auction as well as ticket sales, we raised $12,115.  That’s a lot of vitamins!

Truly, it costs about $2000 for each medical team to purchase medical supplies for our week long trips.  The volunteers always pay their own way, so all funds will go directly to support the children.

Thank you to the planning team:  Claire Valine (our musician), Mimi and Tim Baker, Drew Woodruff (the heart and soul of our St Vincent’s ministry), John Mutin ( set up all the tables singlehandedly) , Edie Street (in charge of the “young” helpers and runners at the event),Hilarie Dahlhauser (tickets, advance marketing),  Jenn Holbourn, Ruthie Lentz (got the wine donated! and ran the sales tables ), Adrian Holbourn (business manager, goodness knows we needed one of those!).

The event exceeded our wildest expectations.  Thank you to all who came and supported us and made it possible.

 Susan Nelson

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