West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

First clinic day

Driving through the gates of St. Vincent’s is like coming home to family. Familiar faces and arms and hugs. Smiles and cheers. Old friends connecting again. Tears of recognition. A welcome sign greets us. 

November is blessedly cool this year, only 85 degrees.  

Sonya hugs Auguste and he stands up out of his wheelchair. A rare occurrence.

John hugs Diana. Dachnika standing next to John.

Repair of the light socket in the music room now a temporary pharmacy.

Blue sparks flying shortly after this photo was taken. I couldn’t bear to watch. Mercifully no electrocution injuries.

Chris helps Brittany set up the pharmacy.

Claire helps a child with the art project.

Chrisnel is blind. He is working on an art project.
End of the day. Brittany counting meds in the pharmacy.

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