West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Eye team at St Vincents Day 2

Day 2 (Tuesday, May 10, 2016)
Today got off to an earlier start but not without experiencing morning rush hour in Port au Prince. We really got a feel for the morning hustle and bustle that takes place within the city! Just before pulling into the gates of St. Vincent, we could hear the children singing and chanting. We were quickly greeted with smiles and waves from the children, eagerly awaiting the chance to have their eyes checked. We quickly set up our equipment and began our work. While yesterday’s group appeared to have many students with visual disabilities, today’s group of students were mostly physically handicapped or mentally handicapped. Both circumstances presented their own challenges but we continued to be awed by the students and their courage and independence despite their unique situations. Simply amazing!

Today we exceeded our goal (of 80 exams) and saw close to 100 patients! The breakdown of our patient encounters are below.

96 patients seen (students and staff) 
43 pairs of prescription glasses ordered/dispensed
52 pairs of sunglasses dispensed
7 ophthalmology referrals
13 patients with identified ocular pathology
The children and staff of St. Vincent continue to impact us, seemingly more than we think we are impacting them. I know with each passing day, it will become harder to accept that our time here is limited and we will soon have to say goodbye. But, that time has yet to come! We will have to take it day by day. With that said, tomorrow awaits!
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