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Episcopal News Service Update

The article on Episcopal Life linked to in a previous post has been updated this evening to include information on more people and locations. Find the updated article on ecusa.org here.  Also, CNN has compiled a list of haiti related twitter accounts at www.twitter.com/cnn/haiti.  You can find links to many other news sources there.  CNN has extensive coverage on the ground with several reporters in Port-au-Prince, and all of their reports, videos, and photos are updating frequently on the dedicated special coverage web page, click here. Their large slideshow is growing. It is currently available with the main article. The Frame, a photo blog of the Sacramento Bee, also has many, large images of the destruction, though I must you that some of the images are quite disturbing.

I added a gadget on the right hand side of this blog that includes links to recent stories from CNN, as well as a Google search tool that can search all of the pages which have been linked to from this page. This means that if we post a link to another page, this search tool will include all of those websites in its search. I will continue to post new links in order to expand the search and provide as many sources of information as I can.

 Stephen Nelson
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