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Envisioning the Future of St. Vincent’s School, Holy Trinity Cathedral

Over the last few months, the national Episcopal Church has renewed its focus on the Diocese of Haiti, especially Holy Trinity Cathedral and St. Vincent’s School in Port-au-Prince. Below, you will find many links detailing the growing momentum in the Episcopal Church nationwide for the children of St. Vincent’s and the people of Haiti. We highly recommend this new video about the needs of the school and a recent major donation that will make your day 🙂  Read on to see site development plans, calls from clergy, news reports, and the direct efforts of the WTHP.

In December 2013, Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori issued a call for prayers and a special offering for the Diocese of Haiti and the rebuilding of Holy Trinity Cathedral. The Episcopal Church USA and in Haiti worked together to select architects for the rebuilding effort. On the fourth anniversary of the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake, The Rev. Mary  Frances Shjonberg of the Episcopal News Service wrote on the proposed work for the Cathedral, “The Heart of the Church in Haiti,” and the work in the national Development Office of the Episcopal Church.

In August 2013, the Development Office produced a detailed plan for the future of St. Vincent’s, including new facilities and long-term sustainability. Now public, this document is an exciting look into the possibility and promise of the future for the children we love in Port-au-Prince. This week, this plan received a major boost in the form of a “fabulous donation” to the care of the school’s director, Pere Sadoni Leon, and the Bishop of Haiti, The Rt. Rev. Jean Zache Duracin. An Episcopal physician from Manhattan, Dr. Mary White made an undisclosed, but substantial offering, which the Presiding Bishop called a “lead gift for the reconstruction of St. Vincent’s new facilities” and “a remarkable statement – a remarkable witness – to what is possible.” This donation has spurred the national Development Office to call for a new fundraising campaign to raise $5 million for medical equipment, dormitories, and the school’s endowment. They also released a heartwarming video on the impact of this gift and the future of St. Vincent’s. Further details at the Development Office’s website: “Haiti: More Than a Cathedral.”

The WTHP is thrilled to see this level of movement in the national church towards the rebuilding and long-term sustainability of St. Vincent’s. Donations from generous partners like you have raised over $8,000 in the last few months, since the launch of our new website, wtnhaitipartnership.org! This incredible generosity funds our direct efforts with the children at the school and the clinic we staff twice a year. We encourage you to follow the links above to learn more about the planned development and consider your own place in this partnership of hope and action. Visit our homepage to read about the specific needs of the WTHP and make an offering in support of this work.

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