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Drew Woodruff: The Latest from Jo Jo

Dear friends, I was delighted to hear from JoJo today. He sounded in good spirits and is now at Montrious with some of our children. He said that 3 girls and 6 boys with one staff member was killed but he did not know the names yet. Also upon consultation with the steering committee with your blessing we are sending down 10,000 for Father Bill Sqire to deliver to St. Paul’s and St. Vincent’s to meet the immediate needs of our children, staff and the bishop and priests that are seeking to keep them alive. I hope this meets with your approval. We will keep you updated as we know more. also it is a blessing that the food was not transported to St. Vincent’s as if it had been it would have been taken by others. As it stands it helped keep those 3000 people alive at college St. Pierre and some was moved to Montrious with Jo Jo and the children. also Father Ollie said last night the fund drive for ERD has reached 61,000.

Drew Woodruff
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