West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


Superman and Susan in Haiti
 Check out Superman (John Mutin) and Susan ready to start the clinic at St Vincent’s.  I named John Superman because he is everywhere all the time and can do anything in Haiti.  Find power connections where there are none.  Obtain clean water for the team all day long.  Find sick kids for me to see when we think we have seen all the kids already.  And tear up if a sick kid smiles at him. 

This sign greeted us today when we arrived.
As usual, we set up clinic on the outside stage, which is sheltered from the sun, mercifully.  Maureen checked in kids, Jan did their vital signs, and John taught Alricka to check hemoglobins on kids.  This means sticking their finger, which surprisingly makes only a few of them cry.  The last little girl clung to Edie Street through the entire process.  No, she did not want to be weighed.  No, she did not want her temperature taken.  And especially NO DO NOT STICK MY FINGER WITH THAT THING.  By the time Edie brought her into the library, where Dr Judy and I did our exams, the girl cried if anyone looked at her.  I did my best pediatrician tricks, playing with the stethoscope and the light to look in her ears, letting her touch it (NO THANK YOU.  SCREAM) and pretending to look in Edie’s ears first.  She was not fooled.  To everyone’s surprise, however, after sitting in Edie’s lap for 20 minutes while I struggled to listen to her heart and lungs, she stopped crying.  Edie said it made her day to feel the child relax into her arms.  AND I finally got to listen to her lungs, which were clear.  Hooray!

Dr Judy examines a patient. Notice Dieumene helping the girl open her mouth.                   With her foot

On a serious note, Dr Judy saw a kid who we think has a serious heart condition.  He was sick last time Dr Judy was here a year ago, and is even sicker now.  Dr Judy has a connection here with St Damien’s hospital, and she performed a miracle by getting the child an appointment TOMORROW with a cardiologist.   So Hannah and I will be taking the child to St Damien’s for an evaluation.  Please pray that this child gets the care he needs, which will likely require surgery. Judy and I agree that if we get this one child taken care of, it will make the entire trip worth it.

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