West Tennessee Haiti Partnership

Dirty Underwear and Shared Toothpaste

Guest house living is one of the shared experiences our team has on our Haiti trips.  There is some screwy system with City Power and Generator Power that I’ve never been able to figure out.  It goes something like this:  if City Power is on we have air conditioning.    The AC units in each bedroom don’t have any visible controls.  So they are on or off without any input from us. (Usually OFF)
With no City Power we are on Generator Power, which means we have a ceiling fan and one circulating floor fan.    Sometimes that stops too, which leaves us sweating in our beds at night   
The swimming pool is a delightful way to cool off after a hot day working at  the school.  Usually accompanied by a Prestige beer or two.  
Three women in a room with one shower works fairly well until the hanging towels and clothes start to take over the room.  A bunk bed makes a great clothes rack.  However your towels don’t dry very well in the humidity! 
Despite coming on these trips for years and having my own packing list I always forget something.  Hence the “shared toothpaste “.   Water bottles, phone chargers, bandanas, sunscreen and bug spray are just a few of the many resources made available for community use.   
Claire and I just hollered Hooray! because the AC kicked on , but I had to move the dirty laundry bag away from my face to see Claire on the other side of the room. And try not to trip over any open suitcases on my way to the bathroom. 
All part of the experience.  I’m glad to be with people who won’t tell if I snore
Susan Nelson
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