West Tennessee Haiti Partnership


 Several months ago we asked for donations of crocs to take to our kids at St Vincent’s.  One of our St Mary’s parishioners, Cathie Pruitt, helped coordinate a HUGE donation from Chung Shi of cases and cases of “Dux”, which are similar to crocs.  Pictured are Drew Woodruff with Ramelle Wheeler, seated on the chancel steps at St Mary’s.  Ramelle is a nursing student from CBU, and went to Haiti with our team in March 2012.  She tells the story of handing out crocs to the teenagers, and having none big enough for the older teenage boys.  She promised Ricardo, one of the St Vincent’s students, that she would bring him a pair of crocs big enough for his size 10 feet!  Now Ricardo will have many colors to choose from.  The only problem remains getting all those shoes to Haiti, but with another 15 nurses returning to St Vincent’s during the first week of November, that’s a lot of suitcases! 
Many thanks to the donors for making this generous donation  Many children will be happy to get a brand new pair of shoes especially suited for the dusty streets of Port au Prince.

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