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Continuing Reflections from Our Team in Haiti–Team is Complete, Handling Medications

Tuesday at lunchtime, Allie and Margaret arrived safely amid hugs and claps on the back for surviving a difficult trip. Now our team was complete at 9. In the afternoon we all went to the pharmacy to help out since we were expecting about 40 folks to bring their prescriptions. Margaret mixed and labeled sulfur ointment. John counted tylenol and ibuprofen tablets into bags of #30 each. Debbie counted antacids and iron tablets into bags of #30. Lauren and Kelvin actually filled the prescriptions for each patient. I wrote labels in creole. My creole is getting better each day. I say that now I can speak like a 4 year old! We…have…medication…for...you. Please …go…to pharmacy…
One interesting event in the day happened as we were walking back from the school to our campground. We walked through the countryside where many people live, including one of our interpreters. His cousin had a sick baby so we stopped to see her. She was 3 months old and we were told she had diarrhea and vomiting. In a tropical country one always worries about horrible diseases like typhoid, but this baby looked pretty good to me. No fever no rash, good weight. We gave the mother a recipe for rice water out of Amy’s book “Where there is no Doctor” which basically is boiled rice water with a little salt and sugar added. Pedialyte where there is no Walmart. We told the mom we would check on her the next day.
sent from Haiti by Dr. Susan Nelson
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