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Continuing Reflections from Our Team in Haiti–Last Full Day in Haiti (Continued)

We also saw Michele Antoinise who visited with us for some time. She still works at the school’s clinic which is now set up at the boys’ foyer in a new temporary structure. Dr Ferdinand is now working 3 days per week since Dr Hilaire left after the earthquake. Michele and her fiancee are both fine.

JR took us to see the tent city where his family lives now. Words can’t really describe it. Imagine walking down a narrow hallway in a small house made of tents and sheets, except that you keep walking to turn left then right then left again through the maze. Its hot enough to roast a chicken in there. Behind every flap of cloth sheeting is a family of 3 to 6 people. JR told me there is an architect and a police officer living in there. Total about 1000 people. We saw the “clinic” which is a small card table tucked into a corner under a tent flap. What must that be like to work in, I wonder. I think the UN sends in supplies, and I know they have power because I saw fans going inside the tents. Actually Amy noticed some concrete work UNDER the tents which makes it look like they are planning to be permanent, which is a sobering thought.
We left there in our melted condition and were happy to return to the boys’ foyer to sit with JoJo in the shade. We left him with a good supply of paintings and promises to see him again in November.
Our return trip was another rough 2 hour ride for the folks in the back of the truck, and as soon as we arrived back at our campground everyone of us got into the ocean, except Lauren who took a nap and Drew who went to his favorite spot under the tree where Yolene, Auguste, Yolande and Diana hang out. Drew plays with Yolene; she pushes a toy truck off her chair and he exclaims and makes a big fuss and puts it back on her chair so she can grin at him and push the truck off the chair again
Several small children joined Allie in the ocean (kids from Montrouis) and they had great fun until Allie stepped on a sea urchin and had to let Amy dig the spines out of her foot.
After dinner another group from Memphis came; they are from Germantown Presbyterian church and have come to put in a well here and at Gonaive. They looked quite fresh without sunburn, mosquito bites or sweat soaked hair.
Lauren and I played clapping games and ring around the rosy with Frenel, Jean Marc, Rosana and some other Montrouis children. I said my goodbyes to Marie Carmelle and Madame Marc and promised to see them in November with Sienna.
Packing is much easier on the return trip and now I am typing away with everyone asleep. We must leave here at 5 am to catch our 8:55 plane to Miami. I am sad to leave but I feel so good about the children and how they have survived the terrible earthquake. I know now that they will be all right and will continue to grow and thrive. My adult friends in Haiti have suffered much but they are rebuilding their lives as Haiti has always done. JoJo will come to Sewanee in June or July to get his new prosthetics and Jean Robert will come with him, if all goes as planned. Its nice to be a part of their lives. I told JR yesterday: “Vi pa’m pi bon paske ou”
My life is better because of you

sent from Haiti by Dr. Susan Nelson
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