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We have spoken directly to Sr. Marie Margaret. She is with Sr. Marjorie Raphael and Sr. Marie Therese in a football field at College St. Pierre.  The front of the Foyer collapsed but the back is still standing. They had some of the ladies from the Foyer with them. We will keep updating you as we know any more. PRAISE GOD!

A Prayer for Haiti:
Almighty Father, God of mercies and giver of comfort, deal graciously, we pray, with the people of Haiti in the midst of the great suffering caused by the catastrophic earthquake. May they cast all their care on you and know the consolation of your love.
Give us the courage, zeal, wisdom and patience to assist them, not only in these first days and weeks of urgent need, but as they continue to need the care and partnership of all their sisters and brothers around the world in the long and difficult work of healing and rebuilding.
Grant eternal life to those who have died, healing to the injured and strength to all the survivors, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

(by the Ven. Dr. J. Fritz Bazin Archdeacon for Immigration and Social Concerns Diocese of Southeast Florida)

Associates and Others: The Rev. Oge Beauvoir, Dean of the Seminary, and his wife Serrette, are okay. They are both Associates of the Society of St. Margaret.
We have had no word on the Foyer Notre Dame or its residents, any convent employees, Foyer employees, or friends and relatives of Sisters as yet.
We have just received word from Sr. Claire Marie’s brother Willie that her family in Gros Monde are all safe. Praise God!
We have received reports that Fr. David Cesar, Director of Holy Trinity Music School is okay. We have another report that Nicole St. Victor of Holy Trinity School in Port-au-Prince is injured, but alive. Praise God!
We have received reliable info on St. Vincent’s School in Haiti that the children and Fr. Sadoni Leon survived without serious injury. Praise God!

The Buildings: The Convent has been destroyed along with Holy Trinity School, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Bishop Duracin’s residence. St. Vincent‘s School for Handicapped Children has been damaged.

Monetary donations may be sent to:
The Society of St. Margaret
17 Highland Park St.Boston, MA 02119

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